Proprietary trading firms ( The most definitive list of proprietary trading firms in Singapore and Hong Kong )

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September 2019: Various maintenance updates. Added Evermore Global, Omega, HNK Alpha, T G Securities, BroTrading, Legend Arb Trading, Sapiens Technologies.

SG HK Name Information
HK Algorithmic Trading Group
SG HK AlphaGrep
SG Aren Capital
HK Bluefin Trading
SG Boomer Capital
HK BroTrading
SG CGS-CIMB Securities Prop trading arm within the firm
SG Coterie Trading
HK CSC Securities Prop trading arm within the firm
HK Eclipse Trading
SG Equity Capital
SG Evermore Global
SG HK Flow Traders
SG Genk Capital
SG Global Macro Capital
SG Grasshopper
SG HNK Alpha
SG Ingensoma Trading Group
SG Integer Alpha
HK Jane Street
SG Jump Trading
HK Kokomo Capital
HK Legend Arb Trading
SG Mako
HK Maven Group
SG Maybank Kim Eng Prop trading arm within the firm
HK Nautilus Capital
SG Neo & Partners Global * Operates as a Trading Atrium / Shared Office
SG North Point Global
SG Noviscient Capital allocation firm
SG Omega Proprietary Trading
SG Phillip Securities Prop trading arm within the firm
SG Propex Derivatives
HK Pulsar Trading Capital
SG Purvis Capital
HK Ronin Capital
HK Sapiens Technologies
HK SmartWise
HK Susquehanna
HK T G Securities Prop trading arm within the firm
HK Tibra Capital
HK Volante Trading
SG HK Virtu Financial
SG WTL Capital
HK XY Capital

Types of Proprietary Trading Firms

Proprietary trading firms typically fall into 2 different categories. Some firms offer a mix of both:
  • Working as a independent trader. Typically requires capitial contribution where the firm offers leverage. Usually offering more freedom on strategies and markets.
  • Working as an employee. Trading on firm capital. Usually part of the firm strategy and maybe more restrictive on types of strategies and markets.

Prop Trading vs Investing

The lines between prop trading and investing is typically defined by duration of the purchase. Prop trading typically deals with short term, driven by tactical or statistical reasoning. Investing is typically on a longer time frame, driven by valuation and business prospects.

Prop trading is increasingly statistical and algorthmic. Many firms require some form of programming, maths or technology background.

The key behind successful trading or investing is still the strategy. While there are merits in these individual disciplines and method. Technology is unable to fully take on the constant state of flux, historical, current, new, co-variant and non-variant factors. Focus on developing a successful strategy and method. The rest are merely tools to achieve the goal.

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